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This Four Day introductory course offers participants a comprehensive understanding of the key technical and commercial aspects of the Oil & Gas industry. The regular use of case study material ensures excellent audience engagement while at the same time reinforcing the key learning outcomes.

What you will learn 

This Petroleum Engineering for Non Engineers course delivers a thorough understanding of the key technical and commercial aspects that characterise the oil & gas industry. Ideal for newcomers to the industry and non-technical personnel, the 4-day programme makes frequent use of case studies to reinforce key learning outcomes and enhance audience engagement.

The course will equip delegates with: an understanding of petroleum geology & hydrocarbon formation the importance of reserves definition and their relationship to key commercial decisions an outline of global energy demand, supply & pricing a detailed pictured of drilling operations & equipment (rigs, mud systems, drill bits etc.) elements of field development including technical options & the principles of petroleum economics an appreciation of production operations & common enhanced recovery techniques.

Who should attend?

This Petroleum Engineering for Non Engineers course is suitable for personnel from all areas of the oil & gas industry, including government agencies, authorities, contractors, operators and service companies.


“Excellent Training. The best thing was the course had a nice balance of technical information with business perspective.”


Junaid Ahmad - OMV Petrom